Men's "Guide" ThermalCHR Realtree Beanie

Men's "Guide" ThermalCHR Realtree Beanie

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The "Guide" ThermalCHR stretch fleece beanie is perfect for cold weather excursions keeping the body at a comfortable temperature while out. ThermalCHR lining in crown and earflaps with stretch fleece panels that wrap around the back of the beanie with flatlock stitching on the top of the beanie make this an ideal piece for cold outings.


Tech Features:

  • Realtree® EDGE™
  • ThermalCHR technology
  • Stretch fleece accent panels


ThermalCHR Technology

This product is lined with a ceramic - printed heat regulating technology. The ceramic powder within the print absorbs your body's warmth, stores it, and releases it back to you when needed most. ThermalCHR™ is the key to maintaining your optimal temperature during your activity.