BUILTCOOL All in One Buff , black color.
BUILTCOOL All in One Buff, hi-vis safety yellow color.

BUILTCOOL All in One Neck Gaiter

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  • COOLING: The fabric weave absorbs water, and the hollow-core construction actively spreads to store water throughout the gaiter. Just wet the fabric until damp, wring it out and snap it to activate the effect. Repeat the process when cooling wears off.
  • LIFESTYLE: This Adult All in One Gaiter is the perfect option for those with active lifestyles. Stay cool while at the gym, cycling, fishing, running, hiking, playing sports, and more. Keep your face chill outdoors even in extreme exercise.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This gaiter is machine washable and can be reused numerous times to stay cool and prevent sweat buildup. It can be worn in multiple ways such as a balaclava, neck warmer, gaiter, headband, beanie, bandana, and more.
  • FABRIC: The gaiter is made of BuiltCool material, polyester, and spandex, biocool, and has moisture-wicking capabilities. It has a back seam construction with flatlock stitching. Wrap it around your head for cold relief and shield hot temperatures.
  • COMFORTABLE: The fabric cools up to 30 degrees below your body temperature. Use this gaiter before, during, and after your activity to keep your body comfortable. Water provides instant cooling comfort for quick relief.